Friday, June 29, 2007

cpanspec 1.71

I just released cpanspec 1.71. The new version handles bzip2-compressed tar archives, filters out a few more obviously bogus files from %doc, and adds some options to cpanget. From the changelog:
* Add option processing to cpanget.  It now accepts the following options:

-h Print usage message
-n Don't download, only print URLs
-q Work quietly

The other day I had a reason (and honestly I don't remember what it was :-) to get the URL for something on CPAN, and, since the code was there in cpanget anyway... Now you can do this:
$ cpanget -q -n String::Random

For the next version, I want to do the right thing with the new split perl package in F7 and later. I posted a note to fedora-perl-devel-list to get some opinions on how best to handle that.

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