Saturday, June 21, 2008

YAPC::NA 2008 round-up

On the first day of YAPC, I gave a talk titled Perl on Fedora.

(Google Docs lost a little formatting in translation, but I've cleaned that up, and I think the results look substantially better than what I actually presented.)

It was the first talk I've given at a conference. I thought it went reasonably well, but I've made a mental note to prepare much further in advance next time, and to learn how to make a presentation that doesn't look lame. (I think I may have a tiny bit of PowerPoint envy.)

On the second day, David Wheeler took some time to talk with me about the Bricolage package I've been working on. It turns out it might actually work as-is, at least for PostgreSQL. I have some work to do to make it work for other databases.

On the third day, I finally got some time to work on my Parrot package. I got it to build with the latest version of Parrot, then broke it to add sub-packages for all the various languages I could figure out how to build. Hopefully Real Soon Now I'll have a rakudo (Perl 6) package, plus packages for a bunch of other random languages like bf.

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