Monday, July 16, 2007

Pugs hates me

My new notebook is finally running somewhat stably (more on that later), so I took it and got out of the store for a while today to work on my pugs and parrot packages. I lost a bit of time because I didn't have all the necessary development packages installed, and it's a lot slower to install a bunch of packages over the Internet than over a gigabit LAN. Still, eventually I got everything installed on the laptop, and I tried to build pugs. The build failed. To make a long story short, I eventually tried building on my desktop, which built pugs fine a few months ago. It failed there too.

So apparently something in Fedora 7 (likely a newer version of ghc, if I had to guess) breaks pugs. Whee.

I think I may just jump to a svn checkout next to see if that builds.

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