Saturday, July 28, 2007

Week in review

Yikes. I seem to have spaced off making any updates this week. Oops.

Earlier this week I updated my pugs package to a svn checkout. It builds fine now, but I still have a ton of rpmlint warnings to address.

In Fedora news, all but one of the packages I submitted last week has been reviewed and approved. I also spent some time working on building my packages for EPEL. That's going to get a lot easier once the Module::Build package's dependencies get worked out.

There's been a lot more progress on the new store. We have permits now, and all the electrical and plumbing in the floor is done. We should have a floor on Tuesday, so either Wednesday or Thursday they should be building walls.

This past Thursday was Emma's 6th birthday. I took her to see the Cardinals/Cubs game. That turned out to be a lot of fun... The Cardinals won 11 to 1, with home runs from Rolen and Pujols and a grand slam from Chris Duncan. Emma seemed to especially enjoy all the fireworks. :-)

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