Thursday, December 11, 2008

I, for one, welcome our Google overlords

After battling (or running away screaming from) various open-source CMS solutions, going through a few iterations of rolling my own, and putting up with a really, really, crappy "temporary" (only 4 years!) site, the store's web site is now hosted by Blogger. Discuss.

PS: Oddly enough, Google Sites sucks a bit. I could be wrong, but Blogger seems a heck of a lot more functional and flexible. One would assume that will eventually change.

PPS: This doesn't mean I've given up on open-source CMS solutions. I'd be more comfortable hosting this myself, but at least in the mean time the new temporary solution is Not My ProblemTM.


NA said...

I'm not familiar with Blogger service at all, but I am curious, which CMS' did you try and what encouraged you to run away from each. I'm assuming your mostly valid argument that php is trash is a consideration.

For blog-style CMS, Wordpress is pretty rockin'. It is very straight-forward with tons of plugins and a proven solution. Wordpress MU allows you to run multiple blogs from a single install and is capable of scaling to large amounts of traffic. wp-cache plugin helps if/when performance is an issue.

Another php cms, which is again proven, yet not as immediately user friendly would be drupal. Drupal has a ton of good plugins, if you have the time to sift through some bad ones as well. It is extremely modular, so you will collect dependencies pretty quickly, but the update system is good. Theming properly will take a few hours reading to grasp. You can have an ecommerce setup (ubercart) with inventory management, taking credit card orders and automagically getting UPS/Fedex shipping pricing and scheduling a pickup, along with a lot of other magic in relatively short time.

Moveable Type might be worth a peek. Perl & 8 years of iterations.

The one-size-fits-all CMS doesn't exist, unfortunately.

Unknown said...

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